Who is this “Deletescape”?

I am all over the Internet and you might find small bits and pieces about me everywhere, but do you actually know anything about me?

Probably not unless you know me in person, but should have changed after you read this post.

Ladies and gentleman, my name is Macklemore, this is my music and it feels so damn good right about now
Check it I got a story, yo it goes a little something like…

Macklemore – Fake ID

I’m a geek

No-one has ever called me a cool dude. I’m somewhere between geek and normal.

Linus Torvalds

First of all, I am a geek. I buy stuff on Gearbest (a really funny chinese onlineshop) and I don’t remember using any gadget the way it has originally been intendet to be used for. Currently I am a developer apprentice in a swiss company, and I also write code in my freetime. I own a fitnesstracker armband (a MiBand 1s, nothing fancy) just for the “geekvalue” and will soon get a TicWatch2 smartwatch.

I love Hip Hop/Rap

If you live for hip hop dont ever put your hands down

Macklemore – I Said Hey

I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but still my Google Play Music library is mainly filled with Hip Hop/Rap. My two favourite artists are (in that order) Macklemore (& Ryan Lewis) and Watsky. I even know most of the lyrics for all the Macklemore songs by heart but the track where I’m really lit is “And We Danced”.

(I actually am listening to my Macklemore playlist as I am writing this post)

I do sports

Rowing provided a place to go, a community where people cared about what I did and what I achieved.

Nancy Greene

On the side of fitness what I do is rowing and athletics although I kinda had to stop with athletics due to some back problems.

I make videos/films and take photos

Write, Shoot, Edit, Repeat

Ryan Connolly

I really love working with a camera and just capture moments, wether in still photography or in the form of footage. The moving image form can be found on Youtube (some of the content is in (swiss) german), while the images can be found on Instagram.

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