Do you ever feel empty inside?

I bet you do, but you probably won’t admit it. Maybe not even to yourself. It’s hard to accept your own problems, your own imperfection, the imperfection of your life. But still I am 100% certain that you can do it!

A lot of people I know, some of them really close friends to me have been trough all kinds of shit, I myself have aswell. I learned a lot on my way and I am trying to help as many people as I possibly can. I’ll try to write down some of my experiences in this post and more might follow.

Trust yourself

Trust yourself. Your emotions. They are there to tell you what you feel, so you should listen to them. Listen. Do you hear it? Do you even really know yourself? Get to know yourself, your feelings and how to control them. Tell others what you like and don’t like. Be open. Trust your mind. Follow your dreams and thoughts.

Realizing you have a problem

Reflect on yourself. Analyze your feelings. Does something make you feel uncomfortable, what is it? Locate it, track it down. Accept that you have this problem and mentally prepare yourself for a change.


Talk about your problem, it doesn’t really matter who you talk to as long as it is someone you can trust. Someone who doesn’t judge you for the things you tell them, someone who’s capable of listening. Tell them the truth you want them to know, it doesn’t neccessarily have to be the truth you experienced, but tell them enough that they can see your problem and support you in making a change.

Fill the emptiness

Distract yourself, find joy in small things. Enjoy things you used to enjoy as a child. Find new friends. Become a true fan of your favourite musician. Dedicate your life to this fandom. Read a book. Listen to calming music (thats what I am doing just as I am writing this piece). Help others struggling with similar problems. Get to know yourself better. Flirt. Write about your experiences, your problems, about helping other people. Find out if the illuminati is real (ok, for real now, do they exist? 😉).

Make a change

Once you are ready, once you’ve collected all your courage, you can make the change required to fix or atleast minimize your problem. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial the change is, it can be live changing. Most successful changes grow your self-consciousness. But unsuccessful changes shouldn’t pull you down, you still have another chance. Maybe your decision wasn’t completly right, but it definetly wasn’t wrong!

Bad times are good times!

You need to know the depth of the valley to know the height of the peak.
There is no better time to learn for your life then when you get through a bad time and cope with it all. You’ll learn things you’ll be thankful to know for the rest of your life. If you manage to get to the peak the first time it will be easier every time you master it.

Don’t hide

If you hide your feelings you’re mainly hiding them from yourself. Hiding feelings won’t help fix anything. Be open. Talk about your feelings. Say if you don’t agree with something. Tell your annyoing friend to shut the f*ck up if you really feel like doing it but apologize right after it, talk about it all, tell them what annoys you. Learn how to get on with each other. Tell the people you love how much you love them. Show others what they are worth to you. Appreciate your life.

Follow your dreams

Never give up. You can achieve everything if you want to. Don’t let down. Don’t let anyone pull you down. Fight for it. Achieve it. Celebrate with your friends. Find new dreams. Repeat.

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