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It just hap­pens… I start to talk to my­self. Anyone else lis­ten­ing to me would think it is only one per­son talk­ing. But there is some­one else. Only I can hear those an­swers. It’s thought per­son. He’s (inside) my mind. Speak per­son and Thought per­sons mainly have con­ver­sa­tions when I’m alone at home over a longer time.

Most of their con­ver­sa­tions are pretty ran­dom. There is no real theme to them. The way speak per­son talks heav­ily de­pends on what kind of movies I have last watched or what kind of mu­sic I’ve lis­tened to. They talk about every­day things. But also about their con­ver­sa­tions, most con­ver­sa­tions are that kind of meta con­ver­sa­tions.

I don’t even know why, but speak per­son and thought per­son help me a lot. They make me happy, make me run around my house. And they help me re­mem­ber the stuff I’ve got to do. Speak per­son ac­tu­ally made up the ti­tle for this post and thought per­son pre­pared most of the text in­side my mind. But still, I can’t re­mem­ber them ever com­ing out when there has been some­one else around. But who knows whats gonna hap­pen in the fu­ture…