I’m split - Talking to my­self

by Till Kottmann

It just happens… I start to talk to myself. Anyone else listening to me would think it is only one person talking. But there is someone else. Only I can hear those answers. It’s thought person. He’s (inside) my mind. Speak person and Thought persons mainly have conversations when I’m alone at home over a longer time.

Most of their conversations are pretty random. There is no real theme to them. The way speak person talks heavily depends on what kind of movies I have last watched or what kind of music I’ve listened to. They talk about everyday things. But also about their conversations, most conversations are that kind of meta conversations.

I don’t even know why, but speak person and thought person help me a lot. They make me happy, make me run around my house. And they help me remember the stuff I’ve got to do. Speak person actually made up the title for this post and thought person prepared most of the text inside my mind. But still, I can’t remember them ever coming out when there has been someone else around. But who knows whats gonna happen in the future…