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I just need to talk about my life some­where, about my strug­gles and how I cope with them.

My life could be eas­ier, but I can not change it. Not even every­one I know in per­son knows it but I am autis­tic, I have an Asperger Syndrome. But this is­n’t my only health prob­lem, I am a coeliac too, got some prob­lems with my back and a chronic de­pres­sion. Thats alot for a 17 years old teenager to han­dle, but some­how I can.

What helps the most is see­ing your prob­lems with a bit of hu­mour

I just ac­cept my­self the way I am, well atleast thats what I am try­ing to do. It’s hard if you have not even a lit­tle bit of luck in love and have ba­si­cally no so­cial life at all. You try to fix” your­self, you act out an­other per­son you ac­tu­ally aren’t, you start mak­ing your­self less than you ac­tu­ally are, you start pulling your­self into a hole. If you can laugh about it, if you can laugh about a mis­take which hap­pens to you, you will be a lot hap­pier than be­fore.

Don’t let your de­pres­sion lie to you

My de­pres­sion talks with me, it tells me things about my daily life, makes me feel bad, most of the times it’s ly­ing. The only job de­pres­sion has is to pull you down, to make you feel bad and just give you a bad time. The best thing you can do is to not even let the de­pres­sion pour in in the first place.

Some more things to think about

Be who you are and not who your di­ag­no­sis tells you to be

You can’t learn any­thing from per­fec­tion, prob­lems can learn you alot and make you stronger

Find some­one you trust and you can talk to about any­thing

(Here I also want to thank a very spe­cial per­son! I won’t men­tion any name but you will know it if I mean you. You are very im­por­tant to me!)

Depression is a bitch but it is pos­si­ble to win against it

If it’s go­ing down for you, that’s just so you can get even higher af­ter­wards

NEVER, EVER harm your­self!

(Disclaimer: I am sorry if this is­n’t writ­ten in the best eng­lish, I just had to write this to feel bet­ter, to talk about it, to write down how I cope with my shitty life. I might up­date this post in the fu­ture)