My life is shit — Here’s why I still like it

by Till Kottmann

I just need to talk about my life somewhere, about my struggles and how I cope with them.

My life could be easier, but I can not change it. Not even everyone I know in person knows it but I am autistic, I have an Asperger Syndrome. But this isn’t my only health problem, I am a coeliac too, got some problems with my back and a chronic depression. Thats alot for a 17 years old teenager to handle, but somehow I can.

What helps the most is seeing your problems with a bit of humour

I just accept myself the way I am, well atleast thats what I am trying to do. It’s hard if you have not even a little bit of luck in love and have basically no social life at all. You try to “fix” yourself, you act out another person you actually aren’t, you start making yourself less than you actually are, you start pulling yourself into a hole. If you can laugh about it, if you can laugh about a mistake which happens to you, you will be a lot happier than before.

Don’t let your depression lie to you

My depression talks with me, it tells me things about my daily life, makes me feel bad, most of the times it’s lying. The only job depression has is to pull you down, to make you feel bad and just give you a bad time. The best thing you can do is to not even let the depression pour in in the first place.

Some more things to think about

Be who you are and not who your diagnosis tells you to be

You can’t learn anything from perfection, problems can learn you alot and make you stronger

Find someone you trust and you can talk to about anything

(Here I also want to thank a very special person! I won’t mention any name but you will know it if I mean you. You are very important to me!)

Depression is a bitch but it is possible to win against it

If it’s going down for you, that’s just so you can get even higher afterwards

NEVER, EVER harm yourself!

(Disclaimer: I am sorry if this isn’t written in the best english, I just had to write this to feel better, to talk about it, to write down how I cope with my shitty life. I might update this post in the future)