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Deletescape Media

Do you ever feel empty inside?

I bet you do, but you probably won’t admit it. Maybe not even to yourself. It’s hard to accept your...

My life is shit – thats why i still like it

My life and I have a love / hate relationship

Who is this “Deletescape”?

I am all over the Internet and you might find small bits and pieces about me everywhere, but do you actually know anything about me?

What device do you think I should buy next?

I love the OnePlus Two, but the day that I am gonna have to leave it behind will be coming. So...

Boost your OnePlus2 experience

I own a OnePlus Two phone and I quite like it. I even kinda like it’s stock rom, although it...

Paper Theme

Ubuntu – Material Design

I really love Ubuntu, mainly for the way it is organized and for how easy everything is (atleast from a...

Android blog – #1

Hi, this is my first post in the Android section of my blog, but many more will follow! I really...


Welcome to my all new page which is built in an all new way and in beautiful Material Design! I...