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My PGP Keys.

I may the fol­low­ing PGP key(s) to sign (most) git com­mits, as well as the odd file here and there. Any key not listed here is fake and/​or ex­pired/​re­voked.
My most re­cent key can al­ways be found at gpgkey.txt.

tillie crimew <>
E11E 1FC4 B33A 4833 D060 C81D B93D 8CA5 BE06 8BD7

Expired Keys:

Till Kottmann <>
D8FA 3EEA 0C0E D615 2B90  CDE8 FA63 4EDD 7876 315E

I cur­rently use a dif­fer­ent key for E-Mails which can be found at emailkey.txt. You may use this key to send en­crypted E-Mails to

"" <>
810D 31DD 286B F4F1 7765  C953 A6BE EA57 2988 99A5