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I’m maia arson crimew (she/her;fae/faer;it/its), a hacktivist or something like that.

my self portrait.
my self por­trait.


I am fas­ci­nated by al­most every­thing re­lated to tech­nol­ogy and so I spend most of my free time fig­ur­ing out how things work. I re­verse en­gi­neer, ex­plore and learn new frame­works. My main in­ter­est how­ever has been Android for the past few years, I love work­ing on apps for Android but am also deeply in­ter­ested in the plat­form it­self. I reg­u­larly tweet about things I find on AOSP Gerrit and can get lost on there for hours if I’m bored, some­times peo­ple write about it.

When I’m not writ­ing (or think­ing about) code I lis­ten to mu­sic. My tastes are very di­verse and you’re in­vited to check them out on my pro­file.

If you find some­one with the user­name deletescape any­where, chances are it’s me.