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I’m Till Kottmann, 18 years old and from Lucerne in Switzerland. If I’m not working on an Android app or coding something else, I’m probably shitposting on Telegram or Twitter.

The blog on this website is personal and has nothing to do with any of my projects or work.

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September 2017 by Till Kottmann · 1 minute read
It's heavylightgoodweird.

Trying to sleep...

July 2017 by Till Kottmann · 1 minute read
Some persons have problems to fall asleep, I'm one of them

Do you ever feel empty inside?

June 2017 by Till Kottmann · 2 minute read
I bet you do, but you probably won’t admit it. Maybe not even to yourself. It’s hard to accept your own problems, your own imperfection, the imperfection of your life. But still I am 100% certain that you can do it!

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