Corporate data breaches are ethical, actually

by maia arson crimew

In recent years the infosec community has essentially idealized the term “ethical hacker”, what they mean by it is a “hacker” who reports anything they find to (often unethical) corporations, so they can get it fixed. I don’t think that is an appropriate use of the word ethical, since nothing about protecting capital and corporations is ethical, which is why I suggest a better definition of ethical hacking in this blog post and suggest we simply call the current “ethical hackers” either bootlickers or “corporate hackers”.

Ethics make you an accomplice to authority

Without hackers breaching governments and corporations we would have never gotten releases such as BlueLeaks, a huge trove of data revealing all the dirty secrets Law Enforcement didn’t want you to know about, same goes for so many other releases which proved so many scandals. However most people would argue that the hackers that originally aquired that data are not “ethical hackers”. So essentially you should not reveal dark secrets of any organization, and always act in the interest of authority and capital. I can’t even begin to express how unethical it is to cover up unethical acts by large entities, in the name of some sort of twisted “ethics” an entire industry makes you believe to be true.

Information wants to be free

Intellectual property is fundamentally unethical, bad for innovation (contrary to what lobbying groups want you to believe) and usually means corporations get to steal ideas from their workers. Releasing source code and documentation to understand how products work, allows us to understand how secure they are, what they do with our data, and to truly own our (mobile) devices. Everyone should have access to all information, to all ideas and be allowed to use it to realize their own dreams and ideas. Even just the curiosity to understand how the things you use every day work, is a

Anticapitalist praxis

Hey look, I’m not even trying to hide it, this is all fundamentally political