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I’m try­ing hard. Try to turn it off. My mind. Filled with thoughts I don’t wanna have. Can’t stop it. My mind keeps on think­ing. Uncontrollable flow of use­less in­for­ma­tions. Useless pic­tures. Sadness. Forcing some happy mem­o­ries on me. Happiness. I’m fully awake again now. I need a hug. Can’t this just stop. Trying to get it out of my head. I start to think about not think­ing. Awake. It does­n’t work. Frustration. I start to move around. This just wakes me up even more. I don’t get how other peo­ple just fall asleep in­stantly. Why can’t I be like them. I hate them. Their life is so much eas­ier. I can’t sleep. Crazy ideas form in my head. I want to save them some­how so I will re­mem­ber them later. I for­got my idea al­ready. It’s gone. Where the fuck is the mute but­ton for my thoughts.