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Sometimes I find stuff and people decide to write about it.

Stalkerware 'KidsGuard' leaked phone data from thousands of victims

While looking into some popular stalkerware apps I found a massive data leak

Exclusive Realme Watch Leak

On one of my tours through the depths of the internet I stumbled into detailed specs and renders of the upcoming Realme Watch

Google I/O 19 puzzle workaround

A misconfiguration on the backend allowed me to "solve" the riddle in under 2 minutes

Google Play Artist Hub shutdown

Apparently no one else that received the E-Mail thought it was news worthy

Android Q adding support for ‘deep presses’

Found after digging into the new SDK docs

Possible Pixel Watch codenames leak

As always someone couldn't resist mentioning it on AOSP Gerrit

Android Q Beta feedback app leak

I managed to find the FAQ for the Q beta before it was launched by reverse engineering the place holder site

Android Q to support Digital Wellbeing features in more apps

Found after digging into the new SDK docs

Cheetah Mobile's CM Launcher unsecured AWS bucket

This sure was way bigger than what I expected to find, when decompiling CM Launcher 3D.

Spotify Friends Stories UI

Spotify briefly tested this weird stories UI together with friends weekly